Saturday, May 23, 2015

No hay playas para ti, mexicano jodido

No beaches for you, Mexican fucked

Playa Mazunte

On the beaches around the country they began to place apocalyptic signs: "Private property, no trespassing". Fishermen, villagers, shopkeepers and families begin to be displaced from their own land. They are treated as foreigners in their country, undesirable strangers, visual pollution unbearable for exclusive international hotels.

Since 1986 Mayan descendants of the indigenous rebels of the Caste War ran out of beach in the biosphere reserve of Sian Ka'an, marginalized of the tourist project of the Riviera Maya driven by the then Governor Pedro Joaquin Coldwell, now secretary Energy of the federal administration. In Jalisco, a study by the National Regeneration Movement warned that 82 percent of the 280 kilometers of coastline is being privatized. In October 2010, the rightful owners of 42 acres of beachfront Tenacatita, in that state, were stripped of their land because a judge granted a particular area. And last August, fishermen from the town of La Huerta, in that entity, were cast from the beach by private guards of a resort. And what of Guerrero, where the ejidatarios Revolcadero, Copacabana and La Zanja were faded to give way to Punta Diamante complex. Five stamps National exodus ahead.


Public goods are not trinkets to be offered to the highest bidder. The privatization of the beaches is a continuation of the course of the country: an elite with excessive ambitions malbaratar able to change an entire nation to live like Hollywood stars.

Instead of remaining as spectators of looting more than the rest of Mexico, it is essential that at least we join the campaign to not become foreigners in our own country.


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