Friday, December 28, 2007

Tenacatita and 'trencitas'

Ron and Bill were down for two weeks and we had to go to Tenacatita. Sadly the ocean was too cold for snorkling but OK for a short swim. Still a beautiful place. Not as many RV's on Playa Mora as usual but still a good crowd. We noticed the Hotel Mision del Sol is just about ready to go in El Rebalsito, the large restaurant on the west end of the beach is forsale ... and we treated the girls to their first 'trencitas' hairdo. Just in time for their last day of school so they were pertty cool!!

The trencitas

Food cart on the beach

Corona row

Hotel Mision del Sol

Tenacatita, Jalisco Mexico

Sunday, October 14, 2007

El Rebalsito near Tenacatita

Rebalsito is the last small town on the road to Tenacatita - about 3 kilometers from the beach. Very quiet usually unless the school band is marching up the main street. There is a hotel or two and a few stores. There is a nice looking little distillery on the edge of town that claims to make/sell Tequila and Raicilla but nobody I talk to knows much about it. Beach vendors that live in town will push their carts to the beach on that narrow road so watch you don't run over them. There is one bus a day to Rebalsito from Melaque - you'll find the schedule below.

El Rebalsito/Tenacatita bus schedule
El Rebalsito/Tenacatita to Barra, Melaque and Cihuatlan return, departs El Rebalsito at 07:00 return from Barra and Melaque around 17:00.
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