Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Playa La Boca

We've heard of Playa La Boca before but never been there. Some people were promoting it as a Tenacatita replacement but I'm afraid it doesn't come close. The promotion was more to support the 2 families from Rebalsito who opened restaurants there. The beach is pretty but not swim-able due to it's open ocean with large waves.

It's a long bumpy ride after turning right on just about any Rebalsito street. You pass the cemetery which is on the beach and continue another 1/2 mile. We had a beer at the one remaining restaurant and then walked out to the point and river mouth. It's the mouth of the Rio Purificación which is only open to the ocean during the rainy season. It was still open this weekend.

The river mouth is at the southern edge of Playa Tecuan and when not much water would be an easy access point since Tecuan is closed from the highway. The Shangri La property of Tecuan is overlooking the river.

Chely's restaurant (I think)

Beach on the point

River mouth looking at Tecuan

Shangri La 

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