Tuesday, January 08, 2008

HOTEL LAS VILLITAS - review on TripAdvisor

New Year (2008), New Update. Just back from Jalisco Coast with family. (Sons, 6 and 8). DO NOT STAY AT HOTEL LAS VILLITAS!!!! Property has gone to seed and is currently run by a chain smoking drunk who ripped us off for one nights lodging. Details below.

Other than that, Tenacatita was packed with Campers on Dec. 30th and 31st. Comments concerning strain on sewer facilities and general condition of the environment over holiday periods should be noted. Instead, we went to Playa Perula, about an hour to the north. What a difference a few kilometres makes. Beach was clean, patrolled,water was nicer,families all over the place, restuarants cleaner and nicer. No one was "camping" on the beach here.

Bad Lodging Experience Details:
Wanted to inform your readers that the descriptions of the above hotel are completely wrong. Something has happened to the ownership and the property is now administered by a chain smoking drunk who refused to return our payment for a 2nd night when we informed him that we were not going to stay. He also seemed to have no reservations about tossing his butts out wherever he pleased.

There is no restaurant, no tennis court, no pool, no hot water, no phone, no internet, no locking doors, and the screen and screen doors are ripped and falling off. After paying for the room and being assured that the non-locking door would be fixed (it never was), we took a swim in the ocean and returned to the room to rinse off. No hot water and the cold water dribbled out of the shower head. Once we sent some water down the drain, the smell of septic filled the bathroom. We went out to buy some groceries and discovered cockroaches in the bathtub and the bedding upon our return. Kitchen was barely usable with a rusted out fridge and some odd pots and pans. Shut all the doors and windows so that bugs would not get in, turned on overhead fans, and tried to get through the night. Power went out middle of the night and mosquitoes attacked. Put on repellent and attempted to check out the next morning.

Drunk clerk first claimed that we had not paid for a 2nd night (until we showed him the receipt). Then he said he had no money because he had paid bills. (Although he could not say what bills or how much.) Then he said that he had sent the money to the owner in Barra. (Although he could not tell us when he had done that.) When we asked if we could call the owner, it was not possible to make a call to the owner. We speak fluent Spanish and were resigned to the fact that we were not going to get our money back. The money part did not upset, rather, it was that the clerk was a lying scum who felt no remorse about ripping someone off. We had been traveling in Mexico for over 3 weeks and had nothing but kind, pleasant experiences with the Mexican people. Please do your readers a favor and alert them not patronize this establishment.
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