Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tenacatita Lot For Sale

This lot is actually in Agua Caliente about a mile from highway 200 and less than 10 minutes from Tenacatita. Large lot, close to an acre. Back from the river road and elevated. Lots of trees and view of the river. The house could be completed but not ready for a second story. The lot extends up the hillside behind for a total view of the valley.

This is my friends place and he's asking $25k US - firm. You can contact Bill at - bill.hwk [AT]

Tenacatita Lot For Sale

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Raicilla factory and Showroom

A few months ago when Elke had a friend down from up north we piled in the car with Marcos for a trip to Tenacatita and to also check out Bill's lot in Aguas Caliente which is on the old Tenacatita road. Bill's place was totally over grown so the fotos were ineffective.

Off we headed for the beach and found the Raicilla distillery open in El Rebalsito and none of us had taken the tour. Really a neat setup with the whole process on display even though they don't make the liquor there. The display is more primitive than that actually used. They also tell you the difference between Green Agave grown on the coast and Blue Agave grown in the highlands. This is supposedly the Agave used to make Raicilla (a type of mezcal).

After tasting the free samples we were off to a day on the best beach on the Costalegre

Raicilla factory Raicilla factory

Raicilla factory Raicilla factory guide

Raicilla factory Tasting the free samples
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