Thursday, January 01, 2015

Tenacatita Open

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Happy New Year to Tenacatita- the president of La Huerta along with the Marines (navy) opened all access to Tenacatita. For the first time in over 4 yrs. one can drive to playa Mora, down beach road and 24 hr. access to beaches . Let the party begin

Playa Mora

Beach road headed south

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Bob Zoller
3 hrs ·
Tenacatita update
Yesterday Bette and I asked someone in the know if there was any new news on the situation in Tena as I heard the president of the municipio was around, and he doesn't come around very often. The person winked at me and said "banate ahi en Tenacatia alredador de las 11 en la mañana." I was pretty sure something good was going to happen, but not quite sure what. When Bette and I arrived at the beach, about 11:15, we met with Chile, Norm and Vi. We had given Chile a heads up about what we heard and he had gotten there on time, and at that time there was nothing new. We arrived a little late and when we arrived there were armed soldiers present from the Marina. Anyway, I said Bette and I are going to see if we can't take a walk down the 4 year closed road and see what they say. I asked one of the corporate guards if we could take a walk down the road and he told me as always that I couldn't, only on the beach. I ignored him and asked one of the Marina (federal Mexican Navy guys) if I could take a walk down the road, and he said "Si señor, todo la playa y el camino es libre, es zona Federal y es abierto al publico". Well my feet, that had know every pebble on that road for 35 years and hadn't been allowed to stub a toe on any of those rocks for the last five said "Please give a good stubbing." The five of us took a walk down the road and let me tell you, it was sabrosisimo. When we were walking, some ejido members were driving down in a truck, another first. Upon return some members of the Ejido informed us that they opened the gate to playa Mora and had sent someone for hacksaws and wrecking bars to remove it permanently and suggested that as tourists, it would be a good idea to drive over to Mora in my truck. The five of us loaded up and away we went con rumbo a playa Mora. When we got to the kiosk where one of the corporate guards, whose vocabulary consisted only of the word "NO" for 4 years, stopped us, I said we are going to playa Mora. Instead of "NO"' he said"Pasa te jefe". This is hot off the presses and there will be more coming, but one thing I can tell you is that we'll be celebrating New Year's Eve on Tenacatita beach, where nobody will fck with us! Big time THANKS go to the tough and tenacious people of Rebasito who never gave up in a David and Goliath fight.


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