Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It is Official

Diario Oficial de la Federación

DOF: 10/04/2012

ARTICLE ONE. - is intended to serve the H. Municipal Council of La Huerta, Jalisco, the area of 294,126.46 m 2 of federal maritime land and reclaimed land, located at Beach and Divisadero Tenacatitla  population The Rebalsito, Municipality of La Huerta, Jalisco, for recreational use , public beach and boardwalk, whose technical and topographical description is as follows:

ARTICLE TWO. - This agreement only gives H. Municipal Council of La Huerta, Jalisco, the right to use the area used to accomplish the objective stated in Article I of the present instrument, not a transfer of title or create any real right in favor of the recipient.

ARTICLE THREE. - The Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources, at any time, you can define again the federal maritime land, why the coordinates of the vertices, directions and distances of the polygon comprising the acreage may be modified .

ARTICLE FOUR. - In the event that the H. Municipal Council of La Huerta, Jalisco, gave the federal maritime area of land and reclaimed land that is intended for a use other than that provided in this Agreement without the prior permission of the Ministry of Environment and Natural or stop using it or need it, that property with all improvements and accessions will retire from his service to be administered by the latter.

ARTICLE FIVE. - The Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources, within the scope of their duties, will monitor the strict enforcement of this Agreement.


ONLY. - This Agreement shall enter into force on the day following its publication in the Official Journal of the Federation.

Given in Mexico City, Federal District, twenty-ninth day of February two thousand twelve. - The Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources Juan Rafael Elvira Quesada .
Diario Oficial de la Federación


sparks_mex said...

Well ... that's only the beach and a few feet back ... so access and the land behind are still an issue. Also the Municipio of La Huerta has to decide how the beach area is going to be used ... and that approved by the government.

There was a ruling against Villalobos (land grabber) for all the land in the area ... so he may have the option to take that to court. However without beach rights he has less incentive to keep up with his game

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