Saturday, August 07, 2010

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State police evict homeowners in beach community of Tenacatita

Villalobos has been trying the get the low-income families evicted from the land for two decades, ever since he purchased 42 hectares of Tenacatita beachfront land from the wife of a former state governor in 1991. (He apparently obtained the federal beach concession rights in 1993.) Many of the businesses on the undeveloped beach are palapa seafood restaurants that have been serving tourists and locals for more than 40 years.

Francisco Martinez Flores, the ejido (local land commune) commissioner for El Rebalsito, said the ejiditarios own the 42 hectares and have the land titles to prove it.

La Huerta Mayor Carlos Ramirez Nuñez called the eviction "unfair" and said municipal authorities would do all in their power to help the families return to their homes.

But if they get ever back to their homes and businesses, there may be nothing left of them. After the families left in pick-up trucks with their belongings – some making as many as 10 trips to and from the highway – police brought in heavy machinery, presumably to demolish the palapa huts and homes, and blocked the only road leading to the beach. None one was allowed in without an "official" escort. Both the La Huerta municipal secretary and a Puerto Vallarta-based Jalisco Human Rights Commission observer had to give up their cellphones and cameras to police before they were allowed to enter the area, according to reports from Spanish-language daily Milenio. La Huerta municipal cops who turned up to provide "additional security" were also barred from entering. The area resembled "a war zone," commented one foreign resident at the scene.


Neil and Margo said...

Found your blog searching for info on Tenacatita...interesting stuff going on there. We are planning a trip for early February. Any recommendations for places to stay? We'll have a 3 yr old and a 1 yr old with us but speak Spanish and have done significant traveling. Used to roughing it, but wouldn't mind splurging for something nice on the beach... Thanks!

el jubilado said...

With the current situation I would not plan on Tenacatita. Too many unknowns. If you want to plan ahead I would look to the La Manzanilla or Melaque areas. Many more options in both and an easy drive to spend a day at Tenacatita if it's open

Melaque message board

La Manzanilla message board

Anonymous said...

we own 2 lots there, we have titles and these lots are registeredin the "registro publico de la peqienia propiedad" and in "catastro" in La Huerta, they are signed by Vicente Fox, it doesn't get any moe valid as far as title and documentation, nevertheless these thungs invaded these and all other lots there without ever producing any court order, notice or anything.
it is a blatant violation of persona property, human rights and police abuse. there is a lady who had a nice house built a couple of years ago , also on a titled lot, these mercenaries arrived and evicted her, when she refused they threw her out at gunpoint, without producing any documents. they let her goi back in a couple of times, for a few minutes, to grab a few things, and word is her home is being demolished!!
they ransacked other homes and all the small stores of the locals, pillaged all their goods and belongings, and destroyed many restaurants, shops, hotels
please pass the word, these criminals simply bought the police and are stealing acres and acres of land at machine-gun point from nationals and foreigners alike.

and we thought mexico was scary bec. of the drug dealers, but the police are just as bad, beware, this is proof.

Anonymous said...

I was about to purchase some beachfront in La Manzanilla. Now I worry that even with all the legal paperwork, I could be kicked off the land.

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